MTW Trapezium Mill

Large capacity, Low consumption, Environmental friendly

LM Vertical Mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying together, and it is specialized in processing non-metallic minerals, pulverized coal and slag. Its coverage area is reduced by 50% compared with ball mill, and the energy consumption is saved by 30%-40% similarly.

Applications: Cement, coal , power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.


LM series vertical mill is one advanced mill, adopting top technology domestic and abroad, and based on many years’ mill experiences. It can crush, dry, grind, and classify the materials.

LM series vertical milling machine can be widely used in such industries as cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral. It is used to grind granular and powdered materials into powder with required fineness.

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1. Low Investment Cost. This mill itself can crush, dry, grinding, classifying, so the system is simple, and occupation area is about 50% of ball mill system. In addition, it can be installed outside, so it will reduce a large number of investment costs.

2. Low Operation Cost. ⑴ High efficiency: roller compacted materials directly onto the grinding disc, so power consumption is low. Compared with ball mill, it saves energy consumption by 30% ~ 40%. ⑵ Less wear and tear: As the roller is not in direct contact with the disc, and material of the roller and liner is high quality, so life lime is long.

3. High Drying Ability. As the hot air inside contacts directly with the material, drying ability is higher, and it saves energy. By regulating the air temperature, it can meet requirements with different humidity.

4. Simple and reliable operation. ⑴ It is equipped with automatic control systems, so remote control makes it easy to operate. ⑵ It is equipped with one device,which prevents the roller from contacting with the liner directly, and avoids the destructive impact and severe vibration.

5. The stability of product quality. As the material stays in the mill for a short time, it is easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, to reduce duplication of milling, stable product quality.

6. Maintenance convenience. By repairing fuel tank, rotating the arm, it is fast to replace the roller sleeve, and liner, and reduce the downtime loss.

7. Environmental protection. It is with small vibration, low noise, and the overall sealing. The system works under negative pressure, so there is no dust going out. It meets the requirements of the state Environmental Protection.

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